History Related


Any Place, Any Time - monthly electronic journal for reenactors of all historical periods.

Atlantic Monthly: Flashbacks - collection of old features with retrospective commentary.

Civil War Interactive

Current History - each issue covers a region of the world focusing on the latest political and economic concerns of selected countries in each region.

Cyclone Warfighter's Journal

Dead Media Project - library dedicated to extinct forms of media.

Dead Media Working Notes

Dogtown Territorial Quarterly - California history magazine.

Effects of the Press on Spanish-American Relations in 1898 - analysis of media coverage on the Spanish-American crisis in early 1898.

Gouden Hoorn - online version of a bi-annual journal on all aspects of Byzantium.

HistOracle - a journal of uncommon history, focusing on historical fiction.

Historic Traveler

History Ireland - illustrated quarterly magazine produced by professional historians.

History Today

Imperial Russian Journal - dedicated to Russia's Royal Family and the golden age of Imperial Russian history and culture.

It Seems Like Yesterday - presents a nostalgic snapshot of events from memorable weeks in 20th century history.

Media History Project, The - links to online resources for media historians, students, and interested lay persons. From petroglyphs to pixels, and everything in between

Military History

Newseum, The - takes visitors behind the scenes to see the past, present and future of news.

Old News - covers historical topics ranging from the fifth century BC to the early 1900s.

Pacific Ship and Shore Historical Review, The - U.S. naval and military history of the Pacific Rim, including ships and units, biographic archive, and commentary.

Readings from the American Almanac - featuring historical research and articles from The New Federalist newspaper's American Almanac insert.

Sights Magazine - a guide to historic places, monuments and parks in the US and Mexico.

University of California at Berkeley - Media Resources Center - collection of materials in electronic non-print (audio and visual) formats.


Viking Times International

Western Publications - publishing True West and Old West magazines, monthly publications concerning the history of the early American West.

World War II


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