Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar - annual event including photographic competitions, workshops, trade shows, portfolio critiques and speakers geared to the total photographer. December 5-7, 1997.

Digital Journalist, The - multimedia magazine for photojournalism. Published by Dirck Halstead.

Paparazzi in Paradise - project which switches the roles of tabloid journalism consumers with its victims through photojournalism.

Photojournalism From The Soul - a photo essay looks into the heart & soul of photojournalists.

Photojournalism in CyberSpace Project - international, electronic, collaborative photographic project open to photojournalism students and professors worldwide.

Photojournalist's Coffee House, The - A site dedicated to photojournalism, including photos and stories on topics ranging from Homelessness to Carnival workers in Ohio.

pixtoriz - photojournalism site with exhibits, resources, monthly features and more. Based in South East Asia.

Usenet -


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