New Age Cultures and Groups


Alphaomega - magazine for expansion of consciousness, spirtuality, oneness, healing, alternative science, and higher self.

Coyote Madonna - online magazine devoted to spiritual and religious fusion taking place in our time.

Highest Vision - metaphysical magazine dedicated to the exploration, understanding, and application of universal spiritual principles and the practice of everyday spirituality.

Inner-Views - cyberzine for the open minded.

LightWorker NewsLetter - devoted to astrology, new age, and alternative healing.

Magical Blend - documenting the Cultural Creatives' quest for meaning in contemporary times.

Manifest Reality - publication devoted to spirituality, transformation, enlightenment, health, and the quest for knowledge.

Millennium Light - new age newsletter offers information on the upcoming Age of Light, spiritual growth, enlightenment, prophecy, astrology, and the environment.

New Renaissance - international quarterly journal with an alternative and holistic perspective on enivronmental, social, cultural, and poltical issues.

Omniscience - teaching of the true knowledge of the self with omniscient psychology.

Spiral Journey - gives holistic and spiritually minded people timely and relevant articles to empower themselves.

Spirit in the Smokies - provides resources for the new age, metaphysical, evolving consciousness movement in the Smokey Mountains.

Spirit Work - devoted to spiritual growth and inspiration.

Spiritual Healer - online edition of the magazine of the Harry Edwards Spritual Healing Sanctuary.

Spirituality & Health - reports on the people, the practices, and the ideas of the current spiritual renaissance.

Theion - explores the transformation of sacred heart energy opening the gates of awareness for the transition into light.

Tranet - bi-monthly digest for the alternative and transformative movements.

White Mountain Education Association - includes the on-line journal, Meditation Monthly International, plus articles and lectures.