Paganism Cultures and Groups


Goat and Candle - online newsletter for Pagans around the world.

Hazel Grove Musings - pagan zine published 3 times a year. Web samples available of selected articles.

Hecate Circle: Black Fire/Moon Fire - e-zine published by Hecate Circle, a neo-pagan coven associated with the Unitarian Fellowship in Hollywood, FL, and edited by Rel Davis.

Horns and Crescent - newsletter with a calendar of Wiccan and Pagan events in the New England area.

Pagan Journalists Web Ring - designed to link together Pagan journals, poets, writers and contributors.

Pagan Way Information Network - offers infomation about Paganism and the Old Ways, Odinism and the Northern Traditions, Druidism, Shamanism, New Age Gaiaism, and Celticism.