Humor News


22online - source for daily news satire.

Aaronsville Free Press - parody of a small town newspaper.

AP News Liar - twisted news and the pictures to prove it.

BNN (Bogus News Network) - the voice of a few Americans magazine.

Breaking News - news, tv schedule, horoscopes, and other satire.

Chaser, The - striving for mediocrity in a world of excellence.

CN Conjecture News

Daily Apocrypha - just like Real News, only more so. Apocryphal stories from a small metropolitan newspaper.

Daily Fake News - "three times the fun and at least half the credibility." Satire on current events, news and culture, from a leftist perspective.

Deluded Informer - satire with a burp of parody. Fake news stories which are sick, yet satisfying.

Doomed - beyond the constraints of truth.

Dystopian Society News Network - British antidote for American satire.

Electric Rat - includes an archive of the history of the world as it really happened, forum, and mailing list.

FishyNews.Com - presenting the news behind the news.

FNwire, The - source of business and technology satire: Fast. Free. False.

Freedom of Expression - reserves the right to satirize the hell out of anyone who tries to stomp the First Amendment.

Frumious Bandersnatch, The - weekly newspaper from Tucson, Baja Arizona, that satirizes current events. Home of General Delivery University, America's only genuine diploma mill. Complete with downloadable diplomas. - political news satire.

Globe Daily, The - alternative news "for those above the Bell Curve."

Golden Words - a.k.a. "Canada's Other National Newspaper."

Gracelessland - satirical source for news, rumors, and lies.

Hole, The

Humor In The News - a bitingly satirical look at today's news through photo captions and jokes.

Iffy News - for those tired of reading the same boring news every day.

Insens8te Journal - home of The Whiter Group. We are the difference in corporate America, and if you don't think you've have ever heard of us, guess again. We're your employer.

JokeZone - a humorous look at today's current affairs.

Make Headline News - make anyone (including yourself) famous in a matter of seconds.

Mars Today - online newsmagazine with local Martian news.

MentaNet News - news humor monthly for those who like satire on their current events.

Monkey of Truth - a newspaper parody site that will make your naughty bits all tingly.


New York Times on the Web Parody - by the Yale Record college humor magazine.

Newfoundland Confederate, The - offers news briefs and feature articles.

News Byproducts - daily fake news stories, including reader contributions.


NightBite - magazine of humor and stuff.

Nooseweek - what we don't know, we make up.

Not The World News - a satirical, Australian slant on news and current affairs.

Official Gulf War '98 Web Site - the Gulf War live! Reporter Tiffany Sexpot is on board HMS Invisible, Prat Buerk is lost in Baghdad, and Lt. Bob 'Ruffneck' Peters will be doing something in the studio.

OurPress - offers weekly Canadian news parody and satire.

PC Weak - a parody of world information technology news.

Peel Bell, The - newspaper photos that have been enhanced to provide satirical humor.

PNN - news for the rest of us.

Practically the News - satirical newspaper with news, photos, horoscopes, crossword, classifieds.

Putrid News You Can Use

Quorum of One - wet humor warehouse - a monument to freedom of speech: mine.

Ralph, The - source for Ralph news.

Real Story, The - semiweekly column, treating current events with a satirical touch.

Running Potato News - a satirical monthly newsmagazine with editorials, comics, short stories, and more.

Saskabush - Saskatchewan's source for weekly satire.

Satyr, The - full satire newspaper with news articles, interviews, and editorials. Also features a bulletin board for college newspaper editors.

ScoopTHIS! - Pop-culture from an angle only a mother could love. Featuring Dusty, the fat bitter cat.

Shredder, The

Silly Info

Skewpoint on the News - breaking news beyond repair," top stories lampooned daily by Cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld. - featuring news, gossip, horoscopes, and more. - provides social and political satire. - from Clinton to Gingrich, Michael Jordan to Celine Dion. But the news makers aren't the real target. The target is the news.

SuBBrilliant News - Texas based satire zine with reporters spanning the globe. - parody from Sacramento News and Review.

Tisk News Service - all the news not fit to print, a paper for people who would rather laugh at the news.

The Onion - satirical weekly newspaper from Wisconsin

Toilet Paper - Marlboro Man comes out of closet! Roy Rogers/Mr. Rogers same man!

Tomorrow's News - a humorous look at the news of tomorrow. And introducing... Mr Underwear Man!

Ton, The

Tongue In Hand - featuring news, animations, horoscopes, health tips, and more!

Transient Times - quotes, images, and literature pertaining to present world events.

Tudor Times - parody of a renaissance newspaper covering the Tudor period. - This site may be monitored by the Canadian Governmen. This site may contain content too controversial or too lame to break into the mainstream.

Urban Legend Magazine, The - featuring sharp humour and satire - parodies conventional news reporting by telling twisted news and current events stories. - not quite news, not quite fiction, but an alarming mix - so prepare to be entertained.

Very Silly Webloid, The - the Web's humor tabloid.

Virtual Computer News

Wacky Times - following in the grand tradition of journalism by not letting the truth get in the way of the news.

Warp, The - a weekly satirical ezine revealing the naked truth about American culture.

Washington Pissed - daily tabloid of obnoxious, off-the-wall articles about hi-tech and hi-culture celebs and their hi-power corporations and hi-profile projects.

Web Lampoon - so realistic you'd swear it's real news - only better!

WheeliePop - satirical news about Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas.


Columns and Columnists

Accidental Cynic, The - featuring the musings of Norman Chad.

Beckerman, Marty - archive and mailing list.

Benson, Julie - offering two regular columns, one for online readers, and the other syndicated for download to print publications.

Beyond Blonde

Bob Sassone Online - weekly essays, articles, and other writings.

Car Talk Columns

Carnivore Syndicate - offers humor columns, editorial cartoons and news features on a single-use basis.

Cron Job!! - just like Dave Barry -- except with more masturbation references.

Dave's Raves - true to life, real adventures! Just as they happened! No, really... I mean it.

Deckers, Erik - Laughing Stalk - satirical and observational humor.

DeMaio, Paul - Humor Me - Read columns, but not while eating, or food is likely to be expelled from mouth while laughing and cause serious damage to others.

Flumcake On-Line

Gilstrap, Peter - home of "Jesus of the Week," "It Crawled From the Bins," and more.

Goatview Farm - home of the Saint Report, newsletter featuring Saints o' the Day, humor essay, and event calendar.

Harris, Bob - political humorist.

Hear Me Out - each week a dose of lesbian humor.

Hoppe, Arthur

Humor Me

In My Humble Opinion - by Chandra K. Clarke.

Iron Mike - Dave Barry meets Howard Stern meets Hunter S. Thompson.

Juicy Cerebellum - this is where there are no sacred cows. Where everyone is normal cause nobody is sane.

Kane, Madeleine Begun - topics include computers, money, cars, politics, husbands, and employers.

Kornheiser, Tony

Kramer, Jeff

Lane, Mark - Florida-based humor columnist.

Lavin, Joe - Joe Lavin's Humor Column - "Lavin has much the same sardonic, twisted point of view that has made Dave Barry loved universally" -- Netsurfer Digest. Published every Tuesday and Friday.

Letters From North America - a weekly commentary on life in these unusual times.

Lubricated Golf - silliness at a leisurely pace.

Mad Dog Productions - "Doin' it Doggy Style", a weekly humor column which appears in newspapers around the country, plus a novel and other fun stuff!

Monday Morning Briefs - a weekly syndicated humor column featuring true accounts of real people. also featuring "the tripe list" and "biographical biopsies".

My Boot - a collection of funny, often bizarre essays, short stories and novellas.

Nice Company - thinking nice thoughts.

Pig Press - Bruce Palma's humor & satire site. Featuring humor columns, stories, books, Q & A and the finest written humor available without a prescription.

Poundcake, Ezra - Management theory poobah and internet guru, expounds regularly on hot business paradigms, cool technologies and the meaning of 70s TV sitcoms to life!

Printed As Written - Myrtle Shoupe writes a raucous column in eastern Kentucky. Her topics, perspective and syntax are distinct

Pulse Check - irreverent, tongue-in-cheek look at the week's humorous news events.

Purcell, Tom - nationally syndicated humor columnist and satirist. - a satirical look at modern society, including the changes brought about by the advance of the Web and technology.

Reality Bytes - Computer humor by Ron Enderland, certified Psycho.

Sherman's March

Sherman, B. Elwin - where Dave Barry stops short and where Andy Rooney fears to tread.

Shockley, Joe - Modern Guy - weekly humor column that deals with the absurdities of life in the modern world.

So Sue Me..... - Mike Jasper's constant commentary.

Sonya's Dead End - One woman's view of really important stuff. From a monthly column published in 'the OTHER paper', Eugene, Oregon

SubAtomic Humour - a hopefully-funny weekly column written by Paul Mather.

Tales from the Patch - the lighter side of what goes on in Cyprus. Based on the Financial Mirror column. Regularly updated and always tongue in cheek.

The Mourning Mail - each day, from the mind of the Toady, a new perspective of reality, culture, and politics.

Weekend Warrior, The - A growing compilation of award-winning newspaper humor columns focusing on the hopeless houseguy.

Weird Harold - satire and funny stuff by Richard Dooling.

Wiegman, K.T. - - Signal to Noise. Bile, derision and obsessive behavior. Shockingly few typographical errors.

Word Detective, The - the online version of Words, Wit and Wisdom, a newspaper column that answers readers' questions about words and language.

Word Fugitives - America's 10 most wanted words, from Barbara Wallraff.

WWWench - online column with attitude, by cult writer/director Jayne Loader.


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