AJR NewsLink - magazine that critiques and reports on the media. Has links to media sources worldwide.

California Journalism Online - News and information about California newspapers, including job postings.

Campaign Finance Information Center - collects state campaign finance data and makes it available to journalists. Also collects stories that use campaign finance records to show how private money influences public policy.

Daybook News - designed for journalists and PR professsionals. An interactive calendar of events to know what's happening in the "real world" and on the Web.

Driving a Newspaper on the Data Highway - You can take the paper out of the newspaper, but it won't be a good online product unless you pay attention to what works best online.

Electronic Journ@list, The - publication of the Society of Professional Journalists.

European Journalism Page - Resources for journalists working in or covering Europe or European issues, with a Story of the Week set of links to resources on a breaking European story.

FACSNET - service for journalists that includes background information on many complex issues, tools for taming the Internet, and other aids for researching stories and understanding public policy issues.

Fleet Street Forum - page of resources and humour for and by UK journalists who use the forum.

Frontline: Why America Hates the Press - an inside look at Washington's elite press corps.

Global Beat - offers resources for journalists and editors who cover international issues.

Hotzones - designed to provide up-to-date, crucial data for journalists and others headed to hazardous zones. Includes health and safety precautions, telecommunications facilities, contact telephone numbers for key offices, recommended readings, and a wide variety of related useful data.

Journalism List Redux

Journalism UK - one-stop-shop for UK print journalists to research stories, identify potential markets, and find jobs.

Journalists' Guide to Satellite Remote Sensing Resources - annotated hotlinks to worldwide imagery from space.

Le Journaliste québécois - un point de départ sur Internet pour quiconque fait du journalisme ou s'intéresse au journalisme.

Media Library - A comprehensive subject index of links to media sites and resources for professionals, scholars, and students.

NewsPort - university journalism site seeking to bring the hard-won standards of accuracy, attribution, multiple sourcing, comprehension and fairness to journalism on the web.

Online Journalist: Australian Centre for Independent Journalism - includes essential resources for journalists and media browsers. - news, commentary, and resources for the online journalism community.

PowerHack - Pssst! Wanna get into journalism? Check here for UK media news, Fleet Street gossip, work experience information, journalism courses and Uncle Charlie's problem page.

Project for Excellence in Journalism - initiative by journalists from all media to clarify and raise the standards of American journalism. - conceived as a way to provide a variety of resources to journalists, journalism educators, and the public at large via the web.

Ryerson Review of Journalism Online

Wordbiz.Net - focusing on online journalism and new media writing, with resources, writings and more. - directory of sources for story ideas and story development.



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