Media Ethics and Accountability


Accuracy in Media (AIM) - organization investigating complaints of media misdeeds and working for higher standards of reporting. Includes articles from the AIM Report, a bi-weekly publication.

Allodium, The - includes under-reported news stories, and research on roots of misinformation propogated by the media.

Broadcasting Standards Commission - statutory body for standards and fairness in UK broadcasting.

Center for Media & Democracy - nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to investigative reporting on the public relations industry; serves those seeking to recognize and combat manipulative and misleading PR practices.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) - non-partisan and non-profit media watchdog group which focuses on coverage of Israel and the Middle East.

Corpus Christi's Media Watch - gives Corpus Christi residents the power they need to demand the utmost in integrity and dependability from their local media.

Cursor - television, radio and print media criticism.

Daily Howler, The - post-Socratic journalism review that applies the simplest rules of thought to the exertions of the modern-day celebrity press corps.

Freedom Forum, The - devoted to promoting free press, free speech and free spirit for all people.

Greenteam's Campaign for Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting - looks at the media's representation of Buddhism and the conspiracy surrounding the Dhammakaya Temple.

Institute for Public Accuracy - consortium of policy experts providing well-documented bulletins to journalists. IPA helps reporters find subject-specific analysts and builds communication with grassroots activists.

Irish Media Review - independent review of fairness and accuracy in Irish media.

Mass Media versus the Internet - specialized archive for journalism students and media analysts, describing how North American media treat "right-to-die" issues and stories.

Media Access Project - public interest law firm which is primarily devoted to representing the public's interest on electronic media issues.

Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) - MANNA's mission is to create an environment free of racism through the accurate, balanced, and sensitive Asian American images.

Media Beat by Norman Solomon - weekly syndicated column on media and politics.

Media Bias - links to selected essays on bias in print and broadcast media.

Media Matters - companion site to the PBS series examining reporting ethics, the intersection of business and journalism, the impact of the electronic media on newspapers, and voluntary censorship.

Media Research Center - conservative media watchdog organization.

Media Watch - challenging racism, sexism and violence in the media through education and action.


Mediascope - raising awareness about violence on TV and other social issues.

News Study Group - scholarly organization publishing works on media ethics, criticism, and analysis, based at NYU.

NewsWatch - daily media criticism site designed for news consumers. Offers a digest of media criticism, full-length feature articles, and more.

Online NewsHour: Media|Watch - reports and analyzes news, trends, issues and controversies involving the information industries.

Pacific Journalism Review - critiques and developments in South Pacific news media and communications.

Parents Television Council

Pew Center for Civic Journalism - works closely with news organizations in developing civic journalism initiatives, evaluating these projects, and training journalists. Ethics and the Media - explores the question: "Is the Media Experiencing a Crisis of Ethics?". The Personalization of Politics - focuses on the tension between investigative journalism and protecting the privacy of public figures.

Real News Page, The - Critiques the media and promotes media activism, produced by former editor at (the old) Esquire Magazine.

Republican Bias in the Media - political and cultural commentary detailing conservative perspectives in reporting.

Rocky Mountain Media Watch (RMMW) - challenging "the unbalanced and unhealthy diet of information presented by the media corporations."

RTNDA Codes of Ethics and Standards Across Half a Century - changes in the code of the Radio-Television News Directors Association reflect changes in broadcast journalism. - features a "slip up of the day", and links to information about corrections made by online news providers.

The Media's Ethical Role in Grand Jury Leaks

Transparency: Media Criticism - uses the ideas of Goffman and others to reveal the way news stories contain hidden forms of social interaction.

Truth in America Project - working for media reform, opposed to the growing corporate centralization of media outlets and the narrowing focus of news coverage.

Truth in Media - organization dedicated to ensuring accuracy in media reporting of strategic global geopolitical affairs. Bob Djurdjevic is its founder.

Web Directory: Journalism Ethics - resources related to media ethics, ombudsmen and community journalism.

Web Directory: Media Watchdog - collection of electronic resources related to media accuracy and censorship.

Youth Voice Collaborative



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