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Absolute Movies - includes movie news and reviews.

Ain't It Cool News - daily dose of cool movie news. Specializing in revealing behind the scenes on upcoming films. Brought to you by Harry Knowles.

Cinema Crank - with daily news updates.

CNN Showbiz: Movie News

Cosmic Landscapes: Film & Video Review - a 10-year-old fanzine devoted to the movies.

Countdown: The Ultimate Fan Site - get in line with die-hard fans from around the world as we count the days till the hottest movies arrive.

Domain of LordTalix, The - with movie news and reviews.

Film Finders Buzz - weekly column providing the latest inside information about films, festivals and markets. Covering from development through completion.

FilmLand News - provides a concise weekly news digest compiled for independant film and television professionals.


Final Cut - with news, box office results, reviews, coming attractions, and much more.

FlixBurg - film and script reviews and news.

Flixman's Burbank - with news, gossip, and satire about SF, action, and indie films.

IndieWire - a daily independent film news service.

InLineFirst - industry news and reviews written by fans for fans. - interviews, news, and previews covering film, movies, TV, and music.

Movie Culture Online - links to reviews, sneak previews, news, merchandise, message boards, and more.

Movie Plug - with news, reviews, and info on becoming a movie extra.

Mr. Showbiz News

MSN: Movies - includes a scorecard that compares ratings from different critics.

Popcorn - news, reviews, release schedules, and show times across the UK.

Reel Site, The - current and upcoming movie news.

Rough Cut - translating the movie industry for viewers and visitors worldwide.


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