Environment and Nature News


AGRAR.com - information service on agriculture, nature protection and enviromarketing in Germany and Europe. Includes free email news delivery.

Alternatives Journal - quarterly magazine of news and analysis on environmental thought, policy and action.

Ambiente Ecologico y Calidad de Vida - publicacion ambientalista sobre: ecologia, ciencia, tecnologia, politicas ambientalistas, cambio global desarrollo sustentable, etc

Atlantic Monthly: Environment - archived articles and related links.

BorderLands Enviro News Archive - archive of environmental stories and bibliographies.

Business and the Environment - monthly global news and analysis.

Earth Action - an NRDC bulletin calling out urgent environmental issues requiring grassroots action; updated every two weeks.

Earth Vision - a partnership based "environmental campus" that publishes environmental news. Topics covered include business & technology, sustainability, education, policy advocacy, & recreation.

Earth Times, The - independent international nonpartisan newspaper focusing on environment and sustainable development.

Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change - collection of Landsat images and text showing environmental changes and introducing remote sensing. From the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center.

Earthwave Society - educates people about the prudent utilization of our planet's natural resources through television and video.

Ecobadguys - identifies the worst culprits, from the energy-depleters in the timber, energy, mining, and agricultural industries, to the major polluters in the waste and nuclear sector.

Ecovision - environmental awareness broadcast network.

Energy And Environmental News - daily news on the impact of energy on our environment. Topics include global warming, smog, acid rain, renewable energy, deregulation, marketing.

Environment News Service (ENS) - daily international environment newswire, independently owned, unaffiliated with any industry, government or environmental group.

environmental data interactive exchange (edie) - offers news, information, and communications services for environmental professionals. Job listings for registered users.

Environmental Education Television Project for China - brings environmental films to China, translates them and distributes them to the public via television stations, schools, and grassroots organisations.

Environmental News Network - site for daily news and information on the environment and natural resources.

EnviroPublications at EnviroLink

EnviroWorld - business and environment in the sunbelt.

FutureWatch - radio and television program that explores issues related to science, technology, and the environment.

Green Fire Productions - watch streaming video clips of major environmental issues and take immediate action online to save old-growth forests and wilderness.

Greenwire - daily environmental news.

GreenWorks Channel - host environmental videos, interactive educational programming, environmental workshops, conferences, and live events.

Interlock Media - A non profit media company specializing in environmental, political and human rights issues.

Kansas School Naturalist - a resource published by Emporia State University for teachers, youth leaders, and conservationists with an interest in natural history and nature education.

MSNBC: Environment

Nature: John Denver: Let This Be a Voice - companion site to the last film project the singer-songwriter was working on before his death, an exploration of his beloved West.

NewsNet-21 - daily environmental news plus extensive events diary.

Nomad Domain - resource for independent, organic living. Renewable energy, sustainable living, nature, culture, adventure.

Northwest Environmental News - regional, business, and conservation news. Environmental link from agriculture to zoology.

Outside Online: Eco News

People Count - explore the world searching for extraordinary people who are launching their own environmental projects in an effort to make this world a better place.

Planet Ark - working to harness economic forces and public enthusiasm to sustain rather than undermine environmental progress. Home of daily World Environment News.

Planet Neighborhood - educational component to the PBS series, this site looks at the way people are using down-to-earth concepts and new technologies in their quest to preserve the environment.

PlanetDiary - presents weekly geological, astronomical, meteorological, biological, and environmental news from around the globe, plus Internet activities and links to science resources.

Real Indiana Jones Page - news, essays, and photos about nature, the outdoors, and anthropology.

Regional Environmental and Legislative News - an in depth, no excuses look into the environmental issues of the Salish Sea, the northwestern inland waters surrounding Whidbey, Fidalgo, and the San Juan Islands.

Society for Environmental Journalists

Television Trust for the Environment - aiming to use broadcast television and other audio-visual resources to raise environmental awareness.

Thin Green Line, The - weekly half-hour magazine series featuring stories that explore the incendiary intersection between humans and nature.

Tidepool - News for the Rain Forest Coast - daily collection of environment, community and economy news from 30 papers in Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon and Northern California.